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Erin Rose

Founder, Consultant, Coach, Speaker


Denver, CO

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A Bit About Me

Erin Rose is a multi-talented marketing consultant, business strategist, online course creator, and class instructor, deeply committed to empowering others in marketing.

With an expansive role that includes providing marketing guidance to clients, developing branding strategies, conducting market research, and creating impactful marketing campaigns, Erin leverages her creativity and strategic thinking to provide tailored solutions. Her drive for personal and professional growth, and her dedication to continuous learning, sets her apart in the marketing field.

Additionally, Erin utilizes her expertise to develop and instruct online courses, focusing on marketing strategy, the application of artificial intelligence, digital marketing techniques, and business growth hacks. She is passionate about teaching skills that save time and increase success, and she offers business growth coaching for those seeking rapid results and personalized feedback.

Her values of integrity, authenticity, and empathy shine through in her work as she guides businesses toward their goals. As a dedicated professional, Erin believes in the power of marketing to make a significant difference in business success, and she aims to leave a lasting impact by empowering businesses and individuals to navigate the marketing landscape effectively.

Outside her professional life, Erin enjoys creative hobbies such as singing, acting in musical theater, and crafting. She believes in the importance of balance between personal and professional commitments and is constantly motivated to adapt, learn, and grow in the face of challenges.

Erin's ultimate ambition is to broaden her influence as a thought leader in the marketing field, inspire others, and contribute significantly to their success and growth. Her work reflects her dedication to her clients, her love for teaching, and her commitment to making a positive impact on the marketing industry.

Work Experience



2007 - 2016


Bachelor's Degree - Music Industry Business Management

Berklee College of Music

Master's Degree - Marketing

University of Colorado

Art Institute of Colorado

Hubspot Academy

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